About us

Mil PCS, Inc.

Founded and operated by Veterans. We are also real estate professionals with experience in nearly every aspect of the industry for more than 20 years, all over the country.
Home ownership, renting, investing and investment properties, buying, selling, marketing and staging, advertising…you name it, our professionals have the experience!


Corporate Partner

“It’s with great pride that we call ourselves a corporate partner with Folds of Honor, one of the finest charitable organizations in the country. Together, we’ll work tirelessly on behalf of the military family to serve those who sacrifice the most.”

– David L. Ruffin, Founder, Mil PCS, Inc.

21 Years

Years of experience in providing free PCS services to military personnel.

70 Agents

Our agents serve every military location in the country.

> 1000 happy families

Over a thousand satisfied families, 200 referrals a year.


Our agents

Our agents are personally screened…yes, every single one. We interview them, do background checks, review references and scrutinize their performance. No system is perfect, but our goal is to provide our clients with the most honest, reputable agent possible who will ALWAYS put our clients’ best interest ahead of their commission check! If we get anything less than a stellar review of a network agent, we look into the situation immediately.
If we aren’t completely satisfied with what we uncover, that agent is removed from our program. To date, we’ve had tremendous success with our system and process, and have a team of agents all across the country who we’re proud to do business with.

We have top real estate professionals across the entire continental United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.





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Updated December 2020

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