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Mil PCS is a web-based military relocation service focused on assisting military members and their families with all of their real estate needs.



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Who we are

First and foremost, we are military with over 20 years of experience! We know exactly what the hardships and challenges are that our brave men, women, and families must endure. Military families are burdened with relocating every three or four years, and our company was created to provide information, interaction between the members and industry experts, and locate the top real estate professionals in the area to assist them in making sound financial decisions. Learn more …


Your Move

We know about the hassles of PCS relocation first hand, we’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve helped hundreds of military members and their families to relocate as quickly and simply as possible. Your service is indispensable to our country. Now it’s our turn to serve you.


Our Help

We’ve spent years developing a network of the best, most trusted real estate professionals nationwide. A high-quality agent doesn’t just help you sell or buy a house, they affect your life personally and professionally.


No Charge

There are never any charges for using our website or referral service. Mil PCS Inc. was created to assist military members and their families with relocations anywhere throughout the country, never with any additional charges. We’re here to hopefully save you money!

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Proven Performance and Track Record

“The folks at Mil PCS not only helped us sell the home we were leaving, they put us in touch with a phenomenal agent at our new assignment in New Jersey. We bought a beautiful home and couldn’t be happier—we plan on being clients with them for a long time to come!”

Tony and Megan C., Capt, USAF

“There are several relocation programs out there, but none compare with Mil PCS. The real estate professionals there truly care about their clients and will do everything they can to ensure your interests come first. They have my highest recommendation!”

Derek and Kimberly S., Capt, USAF

“We’ve been clients twice now and it has worked out beautifully. Our first investment in Charleston was a short sale that we got far under market value—our agent there was invaluable in helping us through the process.  Being retired military himself, he knew full well the challenges we were facing and stayed committed through multiple trips and deployments!”

Sherri and William G., Capt, USAF

“We were in a jam until we ran across the Mil PCS network of agents—they got our house sold when we had little room to work with financially. A big difference between a Mil PCS agent and the one that was supposedly “looking out for us” four years ago!”

Kevin and Lindsey M., 1LT, USAF

“After finally working and joint assignment together, all that remained was finding the perfect “first house”. Even through multiple, separate deployments, our agent was able to work with us and make us feel comfortable with our real estate purchase. We will definitely use them again when our next PCS comes!”

Ben and Molly P., Capt, USAF

“We’ve inquired numerous times as to the possibility of buying a new house or exploring the options of getting some investment properties. Each time we have called, they have always shared their time, knowledge, and expertise with us without ever pressuring us, or giving us the usual “sales pitch”. We’ve definitely grown to trust them and anxiously look forward to getting our first home for our growing family!”

Matt and Bethany B., Capt, USAF

“I ran across Mil PCS Inc. by accident when going through training with their founder and President and he explained what they do, and that even though it was created to help military folks, it was free to use by anybody. Sure enough, I received a job offer and called them immediately explaining that I was going to be in my new city in 1 day to look for a home. Even with that short of notice, their network agent dropped everything and took complete care of my wife and me for the next few days—truly remarkable!”

Sam M., Civilian Corporate Pilot

“I have known and been acquainted with the people of Mil PCS, Inc. both personally and professionally for several years now, and can’t say enough about their professionalism, honesty, and integrity.  There are numerous companies out there that claim to be “military taking care of military”, but these folks definitely walk-the-walk.  And the best part is that you don’t have to be military to receive the exact same, top-notch service that they offer.  A great, trustworthy real estate agent is tough to find, and Mil PCS, Inc. has a whole network of them all across the country—and it’s absolutely FREE to use!”

Mark and Shelly S., Civilian

“Last year I found myself in a personal and professional jam and needed to sell my home quickly and find a new one for my little girls.  The Mil PCS, Inc. agent did just that, all the time accommodating my crazy schedule.  My family couldn’t be happier, and I couldn’t be happier—thank you!”

Nate R., USAFR

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